Lithium Light Studios is your one-stop-shop for your marketing and advertising needs. We provide photography that creatively and effectively markets your business.

Our photos tell a story and capture the personality and quirks that make you and your products stand out from the competition. Whether you need images to broaden your online presence or for canvases in your storefront, experience the ease and confidence of professional photography.

We are based in the Greater Houston area and offer professional consultation and guidance along with our commercial photography shoots on location.

Here are a few sample projects we are proud to showcase. If you have questions, give us a call!

Restaurant Promotion

You know it, a good picture of that sandwich or that tres leches cake makes you crave it immediately. Restaurant competition is really tough, and even though you may have outstanding food, you still need to beat the competition on the marketing front. A good marketing campaign starts with professionally looking photographs and at Lithium Light Studios we’ll work with you all the steps of the way to achieve the results you are looking for, in the time you need.

Product Advertising

Wheather is fashion accessories or dog food or baking goods or clothing, you need high-quality photos that reflect the quality of your product. Yes, nowadays anybody can take a decent photo with their smartphone, but when it comes to photography intended for print advertising, enlargements, posters or catalogs, only professional equipment and professional photographers can achieve the results needed. We have the equipment and the expertise to make your product look at its best.